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Charity concert with more than 130 artists on January 2nd

13. December 2016 -
Charity concert by artists from Dresden in favor of civilian population in Syria on January 2nd in Dresden

The more people take part, the better: this applied especially to the charity concert which Silke Fraikin organized in favor of our emergency aid project in Syria. Through ticket revenues and donations a total amount of 10,800€ has been raised.

The audience attended a unique program consisting of contributions of different genres: instrumental and vocal music; dance, performance and reading; baroque, classical, contemporary and salon music; jazz and many more – presented by more than 130 artists who performed together for the very first time on this occasion.

The artists performed without a salary. Everything which was raised by the sale of tickets (minus the costs) was transferred to arche noVa. Our special thanks goes out to Silke Fraikin, the artists and supporters without whom this special event would not have been possible.

The donations will be used in Syria where arche noVa has been enabling 8000 girls and boys to go to school since the start of the school year. Further funds are needed to heat the schools during the winter month, so that the children can continue learning. Furthermore our team wants to expand the school meals. During the following month we want to distribute meals that are rich in calories, because in addition to everything they already experience the low temperatures afflict the children even more.

Interpreten (in alphabetischer Reihenfolge):

  • Banda Internationale
  • Henryk Böhm (Bariton), Britta Schwarz (Alt) & Dresdner Barockorchester (Leitung: Ulrike Titze)
  • Dresdner Salon-Damen
  • Katja Erfurth (Tanz) & Camillo Radicke (Klavier)
  • Olaf Georgi (Flöte)
  • Tom Götze (Bass) & Thabet Azzawi (Oud)
  • Nora Gomringer (Rezitation) & Günter Baby Sommer (Schlagzeug, Perkussion)
  • Jindrich Staidel Combo
  • Komponistenklasse Dresden
  • Florian Mayer (Violine)
  • Sängerinnen und Sänger aus Dresdner Kinderchören und weiteren Dresdner Chören (Leitung: Claudia Sebastian-Bertsch, Milko Kersten)
  • The Real Monday Night Long Island Ice Tea Jazzfanatics Orchestra
  • Tilia Ensemble Dresden
  • Matthias Wollong (Violine), Sebastian Herberg (Viola), Matthias Wilde (Violoncello), Andreas Wylezol (Kontrabass) und Johannes Wulf-Woesten (Klavier)
  • sowie weitere Musiker der Sächsischen Staatskapelle und der Dresdner Philharmonie

    Unterstützer: Das Konzert fand in Kooperation mit dem Haus der Kirche – Dreikönigskirche statt, mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Klavierhaus Trobisch, Klavier & Flügeltransporte Karsten Müller, Stoba-Druck GmbH, Quantumdesign, Dresden Informatik GmbH, Hotel Martha und vielen ehrenamtlichen Helfern.