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arche noVa sends assessment team to earthquake region

18. April 2016 -
A magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Ecuador last weekend. Affected was the coastal region 170 km west of the capital Quito, where the vibrations still was clearly noticeable.

Till now the dimension of the destruction is not measurable. Currently the government talks about over 570 cases of death and thousands of injured persons and declared a national emergency.

At once many national and international aid organizations reacted – so did arche noVa. Today we will send an exploratory team to the affected area. Two experienced colleagues will do a first needs assessment on site.

Parallel to this arche noVa participates in the exchange of information and agreements to the earthquake in Ecuador in Germany´s Relief Coalition and in the coordinating committee “humanitarian aid” from the Department for Foreign Affairs.

Ecuador is located in so called Ring of Fire region, where nearly half of the active volcanos lie and earthquakes frequently happen.

To spring into action in this and other humanitarian situations of crisis, we ask for your support for the arche noVa – emergency fund.