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arche noVa prepares emergency intervention in the north of Iraq

7. October 2016 -
The recapture of the city of Mosul in Iraq has been prepared for month. Mosul, which is the country’s second largest city, is under the control of ISIS since summer 2014. As military groups advance towards the city a new wave of refugees within the country is on the horizon. To support the affected people our local team prepares safe accommodation facilities in cooperation with local authorities and aid organizations.

It is still difficult to calculate how many people will flee from the hard-fought city and when. Experts of the United Nations expect that at least 420,000 people will seek protection in the surrounding areas and depend on humanitarian aid. The demand is high and there is a lack of nearly everything: emergency accommodations, health care and food are just as needed as secure sanitation and water supply.

arche noVa takes part in the preparation of the new refugee camp Daquq to the south of the city of Kirkuk. The goal is to strengthen and secure sanitation and water supply and to provide health care by educating the inhabitants of the refugee camps. Up to 1,600 refugee families will benefit from the measures. Next to the complete supply of water and sanitation they also include waste disposal.

The construction is in full swing but the camp’s infrastructure is still not completed. Hence our team is initially planning the water supply by HGV’s in case of emergencies.

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