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arche noVa expands project activities in Mali – recent project vocational training in Gao

19. May 2016 -
In addition to the area of Timbuktu and the border area with Guinea, where arche noVa has been active for a long time, a new project focusing on education was launched in the Northeast this spring. New education programs for young people, learning opportunities for fishing families and farmers and trainings for women´s organizations are formed.

During the next 1,5 years arche noVa selectively invests around 550.000 Euro into the minds of the local population, because education remains. This wordy wisdom matters even more, when the ircumstances are unsecure. The living conditions are extremely precarious in our project area. It is not only the climate and the geographic location on the verge of the Sahara what makes living very challenging, but also the socio-political situation, which remains unstable. Many families lost their livelihoods in the course of long-time military confrontations. More than 170.000 returned refugees must be supplied with rations – in an area where agricultural yields are seriously lacking. Our project is a sustainable contribution to the fight against poverty. Especially the young people require training, so that they are able to stand on their own feet in future. Furthermore the project supports a cross-border exchange between Mali and adjacent Niger.    


Educational qualifications should be recognized mutual, to open boarder economical perspectives. The demand for vocational trainings is strong, particularly from male youths. Without trainings and education a spiral of violence and/or a further exodus to other areas or foreign countries threatens the Northeast of Mali, a region with an increased potential for conflicts.

Please find the educational measures in the fields of agriculture, livestock production, handicraft and business start-ups, which arche noVa and its local partner organization Nordev will take in our project description.

This project is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.