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arche noVa enables Syrian children the human right to education

5. July 2016 -
Over two million children in Syria cannot go to school anymore according to the UNHCR. Occupied schools, destroyed buildings, children labor, and early marriage are some of the reasons for the education deficits. Since the beginning of the war five years ago one quarter of the schools are badly damaged by the targeted attacks, so that no class can take place. The future of the affected children is at stake, for only education can create a perspective in the long run.

To prevent growing a lost generation, arche noVa is starting a project with the objective to improve the learning conditions in the project region and to reduce the number of school dropouts. Many of the girls and boys are barely able to read, write or calculate. In the project area arche noVa will offer annual summer classes in alphabetization and basic mathematic knowledge for 900 students west of Aleppo. The eight weeks lasting courses will be executed in small groups in consideration of the individual educational background of the children. The children receive a re-entry into learning from us.

Numerous families settled down in the region west of Aleppo. Over the next three years arche noVa will organize school teaching there for 8,000 girls and boys of every class levels. Furthermore we will offer further education for the teaching stuff.

Every human has the right to education, because education means future. Frequently school attendance and psycho-social support are the best way to restore the stability for the girls and boys in the conflict area. Since 2012 arche noVa is already in action in Syria to support children, their education and the equipment of the schools. The same applies for the Lebanon, where arche noVa enables the school attendance for 1300 fled boys and girls from Syria. With our new project we offer 9,000 children the access to education and thus create a better prospect.