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Germany: Reconstruction after the flood: arche noVa supports non-profit organizations

In mid-July, large parts of Germany were hit by a devastating flood disaster. After first emergency relief measures, arche noVa now provides long-term support for affected people in the reconstruction process. The focus lies on non-profit institutions that urgently need help due to funding gaps. With our flood relief, we offer professional advice, financial support and enable community life to have a sustainable perspective.
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Extreme rainfall and subsequent flooding devastated entire areas of Germany in July 2021. At least 180 people lost their lives in the floods, many lost their homes and living environments. Private and public infrastructure was severely damaged in numerous places in Nordrhein-Westfalen and Rheinland-Pfalz. The scale of the disaster quickly made it clear that even after the initial emergency relief measures and clean-up work have been completed, those affected will still be in need of support.

Funding gaps as biggest threat to non-profit organizations

Especially non-profit organizations have been and continue to be deeply affected by the disaster. Although funding for damage repair and reconstruction was provided from the government side, in many cases the state funds did not cover the entire costs. Often, funding gaps were imminent because many non-profit organizations were unable to raise the required personal contribution – which in turn then prevented them from receiving funding from the government. In such cases, the reconstruction of the affected facilities inevitably came to a standstill.

Non-profit organizations are – especially after such a catastrophe – indispensable cornerstones of society, bringing people together and helping them find their way back to normality. That's why it quickly became clear to us that we wanted to close the funding gaps.

Since the floods, we have provided financial support to 19 non-profit organizations for reconstruction. The recipients include, for example, the daycare center Kinderburg Eschweiler, the youth hostel in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, the school hostel in Dalbenden, the sports club TSE Erftstadt and the support association of the secondary school of Bad Münstereifel.

Thanks to the overwhelming commitment of our donors, many of the facilities affected have since been able to resume their work and tasks.

From a spontaneous initiative to the backbone of the city
arche noVa supports IG Mühle für Stolberg

One organization that has been standing up for those affected is IG Mühle für Stolberg e.V. Founded a few days after the flood as a spontaneous initiative, the association has made an incredible contribution to reconstruction aid. In the beginning, the members of the association were mainly involved in cleaning up and supplying relief goods to the residents of Stolberg. In order to ensure that the relief goods arrive quickly, arche noVa supported the association by financing a delivery van. In addition, hygiene kits were provided to the association.

To this day, the association is active in Stolberg's district Mühle and, among other things, acts as a bridge builder between aid organizations and authorities. The number of people with a migration background is very high in Mühle, many of whom speak little or no German. In order to support them, IG Mühle has opened a help center in Stolberg, which is financed by arche noVa. In this central contact point, which serves as a meeting and consultation center, those affected can get help in coping with the consequences of the flood and with everyday life.

In the midst of all the worries and hurdles, the association also provides light-hearted moments – for example, through events such as the Christmas market or Eid and through various activities for the children of affected families.

Project Overview

  • Securing co-payments to reconstruction projects of non-profit organisations
Target Group
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Advice on applications to the authorities
  • Financial support for funding gaps

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