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Syria: A perspective for the children in Northern Syria


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Five years after the beginning of the war in Syria, the infrastructure in broad parts of the country has been completely destroyed and access to schools and education is hardly possible for many children. Occupied schools, destroyed buildings, child labor and early marriages are just a few reasons for the deficits in education for many boys and girls. Furthermore, since the outbreak of the conflict, schools have been constantly targeted by attacks, hence a quarter of schools is no longer functional. According to the United Nations, more than two million kids and adolescents in Syria cannot go to school. Their future is at stake, as only education creates long-term prospects. Regular school attendance and psycho-social support are the best ways to bring back a little stability to the girls and boys in the crisis area.
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A lot of internal displaced persons live in the rural areas in the west of Aleppo, half of the population are kids. However, the local schools do not have the required capacity to meet the educational demand of all kids. Many pupils did not go the school for more than a year, so there is a huge gap in their learning. There is a danger that the illiteracy rate will rise immensely. Nevertheless, every human has the right to education, as education signifies future. To prevent Syria from a lost generation arche noVa expands the project activity in Northern Syria. This summer, a three years lasting project begins with the aim to improve the learning conditions and to reduce the student dropout rate. In this summer, 900 kids in the age of 8 to 12 will receive  lessons in Arabic literacy, English as an additional language and in mathematics lessons. The program takes place in small groups taking into account  the individual level of education.

Furthermore, nine schools in the project area will be supported during winter to create an appropriate learning environment for all kids. So for example water- and sanitary supply will be improved, school infrastructure will be rehabilitated and classrooms will be equipped with teaching aid materials. Likewise, hygiene trainings will take place regularly leading to improved protection against water induced illnesses. The pupils of all grades will receive the needed school stationary such as schoolbags exercise books and pens. School meals are distributed twice a week, this will offers the parents another incentive to send their kids to school. During the winter months we provide the schools with heating fuel, to ensure a warm environment for learning.

Perspectives for the entire population

During the summer holidays, arche noVa organizes continuous trainings for the teachers. They receive not only trainings for effective preparation of classes, but also for the work with traumatized children regarding their special needs. The outcome of the program is expected to improve student prospects for future employment.

The benefit of schools and summer program will extend to the parents of the children attending arche noVa supported schools. During the lessons, parents and caregivers can pursue their own activities.

We work closely in the project area with a local Syrian NGO called Kabas. Due to former projects, the organization has a wide experience in the region as well as in the field of education. At the beginning of any project, we involve the population and local administrative bodies to ensure their support. Through the inclusion of the locals we assure that the measures will be continued also after the end of the project. Our project is more than an ad hoc emergency relief, but an important distribution towards a long-term and sustainable solution.

The project is addressed to 9.000 pupils and 297 teachers and supporting staff at nine schools in Northern Syrian villages during the school academic years. During the summer breaks, a program will be run targeting further 900 students and 48 teachers and supporting staff.

Project Overview

Improvement of access to education for pupils through support of local schools in the rural areas of Aleppo
Target Group

9.000 pupils and 297 teachers at nine schools in Northern Syria

  • Summer program will target 900 students to improve reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in basic English and Arabic. In addition, students will improve their arithmetic skills using the Abacus Soroban. Psyhosocial support classes will enhance the well-being of students
  • the access to education during the school year is enhanced for 8.100 girls and boys
  • rehabilitation and renovation of nine schools
  • Daily meals during summer programs and bi-weekly meals during the school year
  • Stationary items will be provided for students and classrooms
  • Continuous professional development sessions for the teachers
June 2016 - December 2018
Co-operation partners

KABAS Educational Institution

  • Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • private donors
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