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Lebanon: Help after explosion in Beirut

The explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020 hit Lebanon in the middle of a severe economic and political crisis. arche noVa and our local partners provided emergency aid and are now supporting those affected by the disaster to cope with the consequences.
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A large part of Beirut's population was so severely affected by the  explosion that they are dependent on outside help. This is especially true for the residents of poor neighborhoods and for particularly vulnerable groups, such as single mothers.

Distributions to women in Karantina district

As part of our emergency relief response following the explosion, our team distributed 1,000 hygiene kits in the Karantina district. Karantina is one of the poorest districts of Beirut. Here, the damage caused by the explosion was not as spectacular as in the fancy buildings near the port, but the need for help is all the greater. This is because the people who live here are unable to cope with the crisis on their own.

Our relief supplies benefit especially vulnerable people in need, including female-headed households. The 1,000 distributed kits are so-called "dignity kits" that take into account the special needs of women. From our many years of work, we know that women often have to sacrifice in crisis situations. Their need for menstrual hygiene plays a subordinate role in families. However, we want to ensure that women and girls are at least well supplied with hygiene articles, especially in acute emergency situations where everyday life is already challenging.

This emergency aid was implemented in cooperation with DPNA (The Development for People and Nature Association).

Mobile Toilets and shower cabins in emergency shelters.

The Lebanese Red Cross, with whom arche noVa has worked closely since the beginning of the Corona crisis in Lebanon, asked our team to provide mobile sanitation facilities in Beirut. At the end of August, ten mobile toilets and ten shower cabins were delivered to the emergency shelters in Beirut so that people there can meet their hygiene needs despite cramped conditions. In addition, 1,130 disinfection kits were distributed to minimize the risk of infection for Covid-19.

Psychosocial support for children and youth

Even several months after the explosion, many of those affected still urgently need help to deal with the wounds of the catastrophe. arche noVa provides psychosocial support to about 500 children and youth as well as their parents, so that they can cope with their traumatic experiences. For this purpose, a protected space is created in which a specially trained team offers meeting opportunities, individual counselling sessions and leisure activities for children and youth. The program targets two groups, each of which is supervised for one month. Through talks and games, the 12 to 18-year-olds find their footing again to overcome their experiences during and after the explosion. Our program targets children and youth from the Karantina district. Our implementing partner for this activity is the local organization DPNA (The Development for People and Nature Association). 

The participants of the psychosocial support also receive so-called "Back to School kits" from arche noVa. With the exercise books, pens and other school utensils, the students receive the essential equipment that makes learning under difficult circumstances possible in the first place.

Yet another blow for a country at its limit

The explosion in Beirut hit a country that was already struggling with numerous crises and challenges. Starting from a disastrous economic situation and a governmental crisis over a lack of infrastructure up to increasing numbers of corona infections and the accommodation of about 1.5 million refugees. arche noVa has been engaged in Lebanon for many years. This includes a school project for refugee children from the neighboring country Syria. Also important is our project in the field of water, sanitation and hygiene in the districts of Akkar and North Lebanon, where the infrastructure has been inadequate for decades. 

Project Overview


Humanitarian aid and psychosocial support to vulnerable people affected by the explosion in Beirut.

Target Group
  • 1,000 households in neighborhoods affected by the explosion
  • Residents in emergency shelters in Beirut
  • 500 school children affected by the explosion



  • Distribution of 1,000 hygiene kits
  • Distribution of 3,000 back-to-school kits
  • Installation of 10 toilets and shower stalls at emergency shelters
  • Psychosocial support


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