Workshop on disaster prevention in Czech Republic
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Czech Republic: Czech Republic: Flood prevention on the river Elbe


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In summer 2013 the river Elbe and its tributaries bursted their banks. Also in northern Bohemia the people were affected by the floods during the last big Elbe flooding. The destruction was devastating, many were not able to save their belongings. arche noVa provided emergency aid in Germany and the Czech Republic. Now we are preparing non-profit institutions for floods in the future, in cooperation with our partner organisation, the Dobrovolnické Centrum in Ústí nad Labem.
Czech Republic
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The memories of flooded streets and swamped cellars are soon to be forgotten. Even people who were directly affected by the flood often underestimate the possibility of returning high waters. As a relief organisation we plan from emergency aid to reconstruction and disaster prevention.

After the last high waters arche noVa supported eleven non-profit institutions in the Czech Republic during the rehabilitation phase. But to guarantee lesser damages and good preparation for residents during new floods we help them to create disaster prevention plans.

We translated our manual „Disaster management for non profit organizations“ into Czech and adapted it to the local conditions. The book takes the reader by the hand, step by step. Starting with a hazard analysis an individual prevention plan is created. Equipped with it, everybody can prevent panic situations, act in an organized way in a case of emergency and help themselves within their own capacities.

Additionally we educate Czech trainers to be capable of organising seminars on disaster prevention for associations and other civic institutions. Through conferences and networking meetings we ensure that those ideas and measures are being implemented nationwide and the different actors in flood protection are well connected.

Project Overview


strengthening and organisation of self-help resources of civic Czech institutions

Target Group

institutions and private persons affected by flooding

  • Translation of the manual „Disaster management in associations“ into Czech
  • Education of trainers for prevention workshops
  • Implementation of workshops on disaster prevention plans
  • Conferences and networking meetings
  • ​Exchange of experienced German-Czech knowledge in disaster prevention

March 2017 until December 2018
Co-operation partners

Dobrovolnické Centrum, Ústí nad Labem


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