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Somalia: Improving the living conditions of internal displaced persons by supplying drinking water and toilets


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For the last 25 years there has not been any functioning central government in Somalia. Even though some slight improvements took place in the last few years, the situation especially in the country´s south, remains unstable; violence and food shortage are omnipresent. Still thousands of Somalis are fleeing violence, starvation and the consequences of natural disasters.
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In the hope of a better life, they struggle along towards the Kenyan border, where numerous informally built camps exist. In 2015 arche noVa founded a project, which improved the living conditions of internal displaced persons in a village near the Kenyan transit city Mandera. In Belet Amin, e.g., we established several water supply stations, which are connected to the central water grid. Previously people did not have  access to safe drinking water, they had to pass a seven kilometer way to the river or to buy water from private vendors at high rates.

Due to the ongoing flow of people, new settlements arose. So far, in Bulo-ajuran and Bulo-jaron, three kilometers away from the next larger city Belet Xawa, exists no water supply. In cooperation with the local organization ASEP (Action for Social and Economic Progress) arche noVa continues to work in the area and takes care of the improvement of water supply, hygiene situation and waste disposal in those three settlements.

For this the pipelines to Bulo-ajuran and Bulo-jaron will be extended and additional water supply stations will be established. Furthermore a new infiltration well, which will increase the amount of water, will be installed in Belet Amin. To prevent the spread of infectious disease, sanitary provision is important. For that reason we build in Bulo-ajuarn and Bulo-jaron 70 latrines and distribute hygiene kits, including water canisters, soap and sanitary products. An extensive training program supplements those measures. The program includes not only the founding of a new water committee and women´s sanitary blocks, but also hygiene training and plant maintenance courses.

Also the handling of waste has a large influence on the sanitary conditions in the settlements. To dispose waste properly, waste disposal committees will be established and skilled. They focus on questions like “Which kinds of waste exist?”, “How can I avoid waste?” and “How to dispose it in the right way?” Furthermore the committees receive working clothes and equipment, like donkey carts, brooms and rakes.

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Project Overview


Improvement of the living conditions of internal displaced persons and inhabitants of the host community Belet-Amin in the region of Gedo.

Target Group

11.000 people ( 9.600 internal displaces persons (IDP) in Belet-Amin, Bulo-ajuran and Bulo-jaron as well as 1.400 inhabitants of host community Belet-Amin )

  • Construction of a infiltration well and a submersible pump in Belet-Amin
  • Installation of water pipelines leading to Bulo-ajuran and Bulo-jaron
  • Installation of 5 water kiosks
  • Installation of 70 latrines
  • Distribution of 570 hygiene kits
  • Founding and Training of water committees
  • Hygiene promotion training
  • Founding and Training of six women´s sanitary blocks, e.g. for waste management
  • Supply of tools, six donkey and six donkey carts for waste disposal
  • Founding of microenterprises at the 27 water kiosks to secure incomes for 27women
  • Set up of an emergency fund, to react promptly in case of emergency
February 2016 - January 2018
Co-operation partners
Action for Social and Economic Progress (ASEP)
  • German Humanitarian Assistance
  • private donors
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