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Ukraine: Humanitarian aid for people affected by war

The people of Ukraine are suffering from a brutal war of aggression. From one day to the next, their lives have been turned upside down. Determined to flee bombardments and shelling, in search of a safe place to stay and something to eat. arche noVa organises humanitarian aid with local partners on the ground. In neighbouring countries, we strengthen the capacities of local partners. This way, we guarantee that our aid also reaches places that are difficult to access.
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The solidarity with the people in Ukraine is great and we are happy about the enormous commitment of our supporters. But the need for humanitarian aid continues to grow. The United Nations estimates that 12 million people need help. Currently, more than 10 million people are on the run - 6.5 million of them inside Ukraine.

The situation is particularly precarious for people who cannot flee and have to stay behind in the war zone. People with disabilities as well as elderly people, who often do not dare to make the strenuous and uncertain flight, are particularly in our sights when planning our aid. We continue to rely on your donations for this.

Yes, I would like to help!

With your donation you enable urgent emergency aid.

Humanitarian aid in eastern Ukraine

As we have already been active in Ukraine since 2016, we can draw on a good network of helpers and partner organisations. In the city of Dnipro and the surrounding areas, our partner organisation New Way distributes relief supplies such as water, mattresses, blankets and hygiene articles to the people. There are currently many refugees in Dnipro, especially from the east and south of the country. They have fled from the heavily contested cities of Kharkiv, Mariupol, Donetsk and Luhansk. In addition, New Way is also trying - as far as the security situation allows - to help in towns and villages in eastern Ukraine and to provide people with the most basic necessities.

Food for people in need

In Kyiv, we help people with disabilities and their families financially so that they are able to continue buying food even without a current income. Many products of daily use are still available. For this purpose, we cooperate with the Ukrainian initiative UNIT and the organisation Terra Tech from Marburg. In Pokrovsk, a city in the east, we also organise distributions of food and hygiene articles to IDPs ("internally displaced people") together with Unit.

Hygiene kits from Dresden for Western Ukraine

In March, volunteers from Direkthilfe Dresden and arche noVa diligently packed parcels in the Dresden central factory: 150 hygiene kits were put together. They contained hygiene articles for families and hospital supplies. That same evening, a SachsenEnergie van transported the load to the Polish border. There, our partner organisation Polish Medical Mission (PMM) received it and delivered it to the city of Drohobych in western Ukraine.

At the Ukrainian-Polish border, we supported people fleeing to Europe in March together with our partner organisation Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). Near the Polish town of Hrebenne, not far from the Ukrainian city of Lviv, up to 130,000 people waited at the border every day at the beginning of March - often for many hours in the cold. The main task was to better coordinate and organise the help on the ground and the offers of the many volunteers. We ascertained exactly what help the refugees need and how we can best provide them with important information. We also focused on how we can establish protection mechanisms against potential human trafficking.

Help for Ukrainian children and young people in Germany

During the summer holidays, arche noVa is planning leisure activities for refugee children from Ukraine. They should help them to come to terms with what they have experienced and to establish contacts. We are also opening up our offers on vocational orientation and sustainability to Ukrainian young people through language mediation.

Frequently asked questions:

How can I help?

The willingness of many people to help is overwhelming. Thank you very much!
The best way to help is to donate money to our donations account or directly through our Bank account.

By doing so, you enable arche noVa to get exactly the aid on the way that people need in the current humanitarian crisis based on a professional needs assessment. Cash donations are efficient and, in contrast to donations in kind, require less transport, personnel and storage capacity.

How can I get involved with arche noVa?

We are happy about any support. Every donation for our aid is important. With a fundraising campaign for our humanitarian aid, you can set a personal example and share your commitment with others. A fundraising run, cake bazaar or benefit concert can be such an action. We will be happy to help you implement your ideas and provide advice and support. Whether you are a company, a school, a church or a group of friends, come and talk to us.

How does arche noVa ensure that the donations arrive and become effective?

Through our keyword "Ukraine" we know exactly where the donations should go. arche noVa has committed itself to careful and transparent handling of donations. Since 1995, arche noVa has consistently carried the DZI donation seal. From every donated Euro, more than 95 cents go into our project work. The rest goes into administration, because without it, the project work could not function.

Our team ensures the implementation of all projects and strictly monitors the use of funds. Donations are not passed on to governments.

Does arche noVa accept donations of goods?

arche noVa only accepts donations of goods in exceptional cases. We have laid down in our guidelines that we buy relief goods such as food, clothing, working materials directly in the respective or neighbouring region. This avoids high transport, personnel and storage costs.

Please refrain from simply dropping off donations of goods. This is logistically challenging and in case of doubt leads to things having to be disposed. You are currently helping more if you send arche noVa monetary donations. You can rely on arche noVa and our partner organisations to carefully plan and implement aid distributions and all other emergency activities.

How does arche noVa work?

arche noVa has been working for 30 years as a professional relief organisation in humanitarian aid, development cooperation and education for sustainable development. Professional aid means carrying out an assessment even in unclear situations. This involves analysing and then assessing the situation and deciding where we should actively help and who is particularly in need. Our main focus is on providing water and sanitation and maintaining hygiene. In addition, we distribute relief goods and support other emergency relief measures.
arche noVa and its partner organisations work under the condition of neutrality towards political, religious or other interest groups. We have strict control mechanisms to prevent corruption and a professional security management.
The implementation of the donations entrusted to us is guaranteed and monitored by our own staff. The aid is provided by our team and trustworthy partner organisations.

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Humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian population affected by the conflict

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Internally displaced persons, people with disabilities and their families, vulnerable groups from contested areas who cannot flee (elderly, sick)

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  • Delivery of relief goods
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