New sanitary facilities for about 4,000 students

New sanitary facilities for about 4,000 students

Our WASH project in Lebanon is progressing rapidly. Up to now, we already improved the water and sanitary facilities in eleven public schools. This benefits local children as well as refugee children from Syria. Overall, 4,500 students use the new systems, and Alaa Alsaj is one of them.

The schools now have access to clean drinking water.

The 13-year-old girl is from Syria. Four years ago, she fled from the war in Homs where the bombing of their house injured both of her parents. Together they fled to Lebanon, looking for a shelter in the district of Akkar.
Alaa in her new school in Lebanon.

Many thousand Syrian families live there close to the border. They struggle with challenges of many kinds because their host country is close to its limits regarding many aspects of daily life. In terms of infrastructure, the area is not very well positioned anyway, so now one of the most pressing issues is the supply of water: the supply systems are outworn and in need of repair. This also applies to schools in the area.
The girls are happy about the separated toilets.

Back in Syria, Alaa attended the Tarek bin Ziyyad school. She still raves about its positive learning environment. She would like to have similar conditions for all children in Lebanon.
Before arche noVa fixed the dilapidated sanitary facilities of her new school – the Chekka Public School – Alaa forced herself to wait until the end of the school day to use the bathroom at home. Her school’s toilets were in a state of disrepair and lacked a connection to the water system. Only one cleaner cleaned them once a day using a simple bucket. During the planning of the project our team determined the bad hygiene conditions at schools and found that they are a serious danger to the student’s health.
Now, the situation has completely changed: arche noVa built new toilets separate for boys and girls, installed sinks and a rainwater drainage system as well as new doors and windows. Alaa and her school friends can now go to the toilet, wash their hands and use the new water dispenser without thinking twice about it. Alaa is happy about our support: finally she is comfortable at her new school.