04.05.2017 - Libanon
Our WASH project in Lebanon is progressing rapidly. Up to now, we already improved the water and sanitary facilities in eleven public schools. This benefits local children as well as refugee children from Syria. Overall, 4,500 students use the new systems, and Alaa Alsaj is one...
04.05.2017 - Tschechische Republik
The river Elbe (Czech: Labe) is very present in Litoměřice, Ústí nad Labem and Děčín. Floods have already affected many places along the Elbe and its tributaries, lastly in 2002, 2006 and 2013. Hence, our Czech partner organization - the Dobrovolnické Centrum in Ústí nad Labem...
13.04.2017 - Somalia
We just started our emergency aid for the people affected by the drought in our project area in Somalia. Road tankers are now out and about to supply drinking water to 4,100 people in five villages.
20.04.2017 - Philippinen
In late March, people celebrated the opening of the new Marabut Evacuation Center on Samar, Philippines with an entertaining and colorful program. The multi-purpose hall was built in the context of our prevention project. In the case of tsunamis and other natural catastrophes,...
13.04.2017 - Pakistan
Since November 2016 arche noVa has been working on a project in the Thar Desert to secure food supply and promote health. The project is implemented in cooperation with action medeor and the Pakistani organization PVDP. Our local health promoter Meena Kumari knows the daily life...
04.04.2017 - Uganda
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary arche noVa starts today a fundraising campaign for our anniversary project “clean water for strong women”. In Uganda, where the access to save drinking water is a major difficulty, our project will enable local civil society structures to...
10.03.2017 - Irak
The climate in the government Diyala in the East of Iraq is very dry for most of the year, there is almost no rain during the summer months. Water is urgently needed, but heavy rainfall does not occur in that area until autumn.
06.03.2017 - Somalia
More than 15 million people suffer from the effects of the ongoing drought in the Horn of Africa. Solely in Somalia 6.2 million people rely urgently on humanitarian aid.
24.02.2017 - Philippinen
The planting has begun: in our project on the Philippines more than 120 volunteers put 18,000 mangrove seedlings into the earth as a coastal protection. This winter the first 10,000 seedlings have been prepared in tree nurseries in six participating communes. They are meant to...
15.02.2017 - Äthiopien
At the beginning of our anniversary year 2017 arche noVa started a new project in the districts of Wuchale and Jidda to continue measures which were successfully implemented in a preceding project.