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Pakistan: Water supply, food security and health care in the desert


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The Thar Desert is located in the south east of Pakistan. It is known for its beautiful bloom during the rainy season, cultural and religious diversity and countless droves. The inhabitants are used to the dry conditions in the desert and adapted their way of life and work to it. The families frequently travel to neighboring districts with higher rainfalls to work in the fields and graze their cattle.
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However, the lack of rain during the last years repeatedly caused massive droughts. The traditional adaption strategies of the inhabitants are no longer sufficient to cover the families’ needs. Poor access to water, crop failures and animal diseases force the people to sell their droves, thus giving up their livelihood. Additionally, they have to cope with poor health care and food insecurity due to crop failures.

Especially children and women suffer. Many children are threatened by malnutrition. During the last years, the number of infants dying from the consequences of insufficient food supply increased.

We have been working in cooperation with our partners action medeor and the Pakistani organization PVDP in 14 villages in the Thar Desert since the end of 2016. Our project consists of various measures. For example, we train women as health workers and midwives. They attend workshops where they learn how to take care of their families’ health care and to improve it in the future.

Upgrading water supply facilities is another important part of the project. Currently, the women have to walk a great distance to fetch water for themselves and their families. The water they get from those sources is often contaminated. It contains germs that cause diarrhea. By building wells and latrines and implementing hygiene trainings, we help to contain waterborne diseases.

We also offer trainings about suitable farming methods and cattle breeding to the inhabitants, helping them to prepare for future droughts. The people organize in newly founded committees to pass their knowledge on, ensuring that our measures remain useful after the completion of the project. Thus, we can improve situation of the families in the Thar Desert in the long term.

About 15,000 children, women and men will benefit from the improvement of health care, food security and water access due to the wide range of our activities.


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Project Overview

Target Group
Population of 14 villages, about 15,000 people

Strengthening food security in the Thar Desert

  • Extension and rehabilitation of the drinking water systems
  • Construction of rainwater cisterns, ecological sand filters and sanitary facilities
  • Implementation of hygiene and health care education measures
  • Training and equipping of local health workers and midwives
  • Training of animal health workers
  • Cattle management and vaccination of animals
  • Installation of fields for demonstration and kitchen gardens
September 2016 – August 2018
Co-operation partners
  • Participatory Village Development Programme (PVDP)
  • action medeor
  • German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Private Donors
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