The story of Silke and Milko- supporters of our project in Syria

The story of Silke and Milko- supporters of our project in Syria

Silke Fraikin and Milko Kersten are glad about this appointment. Although it is just 9 o'clock in the morning – an unimaginably early meeting for musicians. However, both are now sitting in the office of arche noVa, enjoying the meeting and the conversation, which covers topics like music as well as our project in Syria. Both of them would like to get information about the conditions of our local team and the usage of the money they collected at their charity concert at the beginning of our anniversary year.

On January 2nd, over 150 musicians performed live on the stage of a church in Dresden, playing music of all genres. The artists performed for more than three hours and thereby collected more than 12,000 Euros. They created an incomparable atmosphere, which was only possible because of the work of the highly motivated composer and lecturer Silke Fraikin and other supporters like the conductor Milko Kersten. The two musicians agree: "This is typical for artists: once they get excited over something, they put their heart and soul in it."

Silke Fraikin and Milko Kersten look into our projects.

Silke Fraikins remembers a similar situation in 2005. At this time, musicians from her circle of friends set up a concert in less than 20 days to help people who were affected by the tsunami in Southeast Asia. "This is how I got to know arche noVa", Silke Fraikin reports.

All participants wanted to donate the collected money to a trustworthy organization in their own city.

In this year, some of the people who had already been active over ten years ago participated again and many new volunteers took part as well. However, Silke Fraikin could not engage every volunteer, otherwise the program would have become too long. Her goal was to create a wonderful evening for the audience as well as collecting many donations. Therefore, she started looking for sponsors months ago to prevent the costs of the event getting out of control.

Eventually, Silke Fraikin and Milko Kersten are satisfied with the result. The conductor describes, "The concert was also important for the society of Dresden”. Both of them wanted to achieve a contrast to those people in Dresden who demonstrate every Monday on the street, because they are blindly opposed to something. The musicians wanted to make a constructive contribution and show that everyone is able to improve things. "Our aim was to support the people who are directly affected by the war in Syria and to encourage all inhabitants of Dresden to get active in their own surroundings. Everyone can help!” Milko Kersten says. The evening was not an exploit but a visible statement. Silke Fraikin adds: "Beside the donations for the Syrian project, I wanted to achieve something else: making the work of arche noVa more popular in the city and beyond". It is clear to Silke Fraikin and Milko Kersten that the people who fled from Aleppo are still in need of help.

In the course of the conversation with the project managers of arche noVa, both of them asked about the upcoming plans for the educational project in Syria. They were excited about the idea of our summer courses that prepare many children to attend school again.

Why do Syrian children who have not been able to attend school for a long time need to be prepared for their comeback? You can find the answer here.