In our daily life we face globalization everywhere, whether it is at school, at work or in an honorary position. We want to understand these increasingly complex interrelations all over the world. How can teachers implement this topic in their lessons? Where can you find...
„Thank you and may God bless you!”, Teddy Katame says to our photographer as they part. He had met the eleven-year-old girl near a well he was supposed to photograph during his visit in the district of Mukono, Uganda.
World Water Day is on march 22nd. For arche noVa it is on every day of the year, because our work focuses on water supply all over the world. arche noVa is currently implementing water projects in nine countries: from Pakistan to Syria up to Somalia where we are about to expand...
For years, Toufic Mrad and his family have been living in a village near to a water source without receiving a single drop of it. The other 1,470 people in their commune in the North of Lebanon had no access to it as well.
It was five years ago when Janine Velske was standing in front of a class for the very first time. On January 15th 2012 she and a colleague of arche noVa conducted a project day about free-trade. This was a great experience for Janine Velske, a student of business studies....
Adama K.’s favorite subjects of conversation are his trips to our project area, the region of Gao and Timbuktu in the north of Mali. There he meets the people his work is all about, but whom he cannot visit very often. Most of the time the 31-years-old works in the arche noVa...
On the occasion of the human chain on the 13th of February arche noVa and the coalition “Dresden hilft” of the city of Dresden call for donations for the civilian population affected by the war in Syria.
His desk could be located anywhere around the world: a laptop stands on the veneered surface, a pin board with timetables hangs on the wall. It is the normal workplace of a schoolmaster. But Firas Aljoma’s desk is located in the north of Syria and therefore things are anything...
Charity concert by artists from Dresden in favor of civilian population in Syria on January 2nd in Dresden
In 2017 arche noVa celebrates its 25 years anniversary. We have been supporting humanitarian aid and development aid for a quarter century. What is behind all this? In the course of this year we introduce to you 25 people who typify arche noVa.